Stemkey module on measurement
Much attention for reference measures and the innovative use of technology
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This module deals with the mathematical standard topic of measurement, quantities and their dimensions. Measurement provides answers about sizes of objects or phenomena and applies to basic physical quantities like length, area, volume, weight, time, speed, force and energy. The aim of the module is to provide a rich learning experience for future teachers on this topic and demonstrate the relevance of being able to apply measurement concepts and use them to solve various situations in their personal and professional lives. Innovative teaching methods are used for a shift from basic skills, that often compete with what technology can do, towards a mathematical key competence. This is the ability to solve (measurement) problems in a range of everyday situations. This involves mathematical thinking as well as a meaningful and critical use of mathematical representations, language and technology in measurement. Authentic and cross-disciplinary contexts are used to provide opportunities for students to learn and further develop measuring skills. Inquiry-based learning is used to help to organize the use of these contexts in classroom practices. Digital technology will be integrated since many measuring instruments are nowadays available on smartphones. Moreover, augmented reality technology enhances the environment with information instruments like compasses, temperature and rulers. Future teachers need to understand the potential of using modern technology in their classroom, and they need to learn how they can instruct their students at school how to use them to act competently in today's society.

- Mathematics
- Biology
- Physics
- Chemistry
- Engineering

Target group
- Primary Education
- Lower Secondary Education
- Upper Secondary Education

Age range

240 min.


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