Mascil workshop Jan. 1, 2014 (NL)
A Mascil workshop during the National Mathematics Days in the Netherlands, 90 minutes
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42 mathematics teachers (upper secondary education) came together in Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands. In this workshop the central issue is working with classroom tasks that can be derived from the Mascil online collection, or (redesigned) tasks directly taken from the mathematics textbook (and altered in order to get more open tasks). One of the examples that is used is the Drug-concentration problem.

Mascil professional development

a 'case study' (for WP345) during the 'national mathematics days' in the Netherlands
42 mathematics teachers (mostly upper secondary education), monica/vincent

Outline of the workshop
  • 15:30 - 15:45 : Mascil project
  • 15:45 - 16:05 : Activity 1 - a mascil task
  • 16:05 - 16:15 : Reflection
  • 16:15 - 16:40 : Activity 2 - redesigning problems
  • 16:40 - 16:50 : Reflection
  • 16:50 - 17:00 : Filling in Questionnaire

This is a video (1 minute) that gives an idea of the Reflection at the end of the workshop

click to enlarge
Activity 1 - a mascil task

This introduces the Mascil Drug concentration task to get a discussion about inquiry learning and the World of Work.

Like we did in the role-playing session in Crete (december 2013) the participants are asked to work on the problem at first, and then, after about 15 minutes a reflective discussion was held about the characteristics (IBL and WoW), and also on how to use this task in the classroom.

Activity 2 - redesigning problems

In this part of the workshop we first presented a textbook version of the Drug concentration task, to compare with the MasCil-version. Next we presented a selection of regular textbook problems in a small context as examples of tasks, e.g. a problem on the braking distance of a car.

click to enlarge (we will add the english version)

Participants (in small grous) chose one of the problems and redesigned it (for about 20 minutes) into a more IBL-like and more WoW-related task. Next they reflected on their own principles for redesign they had used. In the discussion afterwards we reflected with the whole group on the Mascil (re)design principles related to inquiry learning and the world of work


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