Design a parking garage
Working as an architect: parking in the basement
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World of Work

Becoming a(n)...
World of Work Dimensions

In the task aspects of the architect's profession are made explicit. It focuses on spatial design (of a car park) within certain constraints.

Students adopt the role of an architect designing a car park with a building.

Students design the plan of a car park. A scale drawing of the outline is available on a worksheet. Students use mathematics to decide on the lay-out and measurements of the parking spaces and other elements like ramp and staircase.

The product is a scale drawing of the car park with an explanation. The product can also include a report or letter for the owner or the users of the car park in the building.
The design of a building is a complex task involving many variables. Architects have to think about the structure, installations (electricity, water, heating…), the distribution of the space (staircase, corridors, rooms, entrance hall…), orientation of the building, etc. Often, decisions taken in prior steps affect what it is possible to do in the next ones. In this task students work as architects on the design of a car park (garage). The structure of the building and the distribution of the pillars have already been decided and cannot be changed. Students design the lay-out of the car park, the parking spaces and the entrance ramp. They work within certain constraints and need to provide some missing information themselves.


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Inquiry Learning

Inquiry Learning Dimensions

- Exploring situations
- Planning Investigations
- Experimenting systematically
- Interpreting and evaluating
- Communicating results

- Mathematics
- Biology
- Physics
- Chemistry
- Engineering

Target group
- Primary Education
- Lower Secondary Education
- Upper Secondary Education

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100 min.