Dynamic snowflakes
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World of Work

Becoming a(n)...
Graphic designer
World of Work Dimensions

The design of snowflakes as a decoration, for example for Christmas cards, posters, cookies, jewelry, and garments.

The students are asked to enter the role of designers of snowflakes as elements of decoration artefacts.

The students study different aspects of snowflakes with on-line information, then conjecture about their common geometric features, propose tools to make a snowflake model, and finally produce several models (including computer ones).

A snowflake model (including computer ones).
The students start with a challenge to draw by hand several images of snowflakes. Then they are involved in inquiry process aiming at raising a conjecture about a common property of the snowflakes. They are expected to find results of research on snowflakes, discuss possible classifications and write down properties relevant to the geometric representation of the snowflakes.


Copyright/Creative Commons
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Materials are published under the
CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

Inquiry Learning

Inquiry Learning Dimensions

- Exploring situations
- Planning Investigations
- Experimenting systematically
- Interpreting and evaluating
- Communicating results

- Mathematics
- Biology
- Physics
- Chemistry
- Engineering

Target group
- Primary Education
- Lower Secondary Education
- Upper Secondary Education

Age range

60 min.