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Information about the World of Work
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Information about the World of Work


To better emphasise what supports the connection of education (lessons, teachers' behavior) to the World of Work an additional cloud ‘World of Work’ (WoW) has been added to the Inquiry Based Learning (IBL). The nature of WoW in IBL-tasks can be described in more detail by zooming in on the four dimensions Context, Role, Activity and Product.
Mascil materials are tasks suitable for IBL (and the teaching) set in rich vocational contexts. The main purpose of the task as a whole is connected to the world of work. Students have a role as professionals. They utilize math and science while working on the task. All activities students do contribute to this authentic purpose. Activities within the task relate to the world of work in one or more of the following ways:

  • They are in some way similar to activities professionals do in the WoW
  • They are an analogy of these
  • They are carried out like is done in work settings

The outcome is a product for an audience to use.

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