Amberhavn: new bus network
Math Alympiad. Final 2004-2005
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World of Work

Becoming a(n)...
Urban traffic manager
World of Work Dimensions

Designing and testing a new bus network for a city.

Co-worker in a team

Students design a bus network -, including routes, stops and timetables- using information and criteria presented in the assignment. They use a city-map and information on popular sites for tourists and inhabitants. They design quality criteria and test their network with data of travelers.

A plan for a bus network, presented in a report (including the argumentation, quality criteria and test results) for the city council.
For a city it is important to have an efficient system of public transport. If a city grows it may be necessary to reorganize the public transport system and for example set up a completely new bus network. In this assignment students design a plan for a new bus network for a city, based on a set of data and criteria. The system must be efficient and meet the needs of both inhabitants and tourists. Students have to plan the routes, the stops and the timetables, compare different options and think of measure to judge their quality. They test their plans using the data of fictive travelers.


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Inquiry Learning

Inquiry Learning Dimensions

- Exploring situations
- Planning Investigations
- Experimenting systematically
- Interpreting and evaluating
- Communicating results

- Mathematics
- Biology
- Physics
- Chemistry
- Engineering

Target group
- Primary Education
- Lower Secondary Education
- Upper Secondary Education

Age range

480 min.