Emergency calls: immediate response success rate
Interpret the data about the immediate response success rate
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World of Work

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Police officer
World of Work Dimensions

The task is set in a police district office. Data (presented in a spreadsheet and diagrams ) of the performance of the teams in case of immediate response incidents is analysed to answer the question: are incidents dealt with within target times?

Students are not placed explicitly in the role of police inspector. They may however be triggered by the context, the data and the questions to adopt this role themselves.

Students use mathematical skills and knowledge to analyse the data about response times presented in a spreadsheet (table and several diagrams). This is similar to how a police inspector might do this.

The product is a procedure to calculate the average success rate for the whole division in one month. It is possible to present this in the form of a report or a newsletter for the division.
Effective handling of emergency calls is very important, The operator needs to decide if the call is about an immediate response incident or not. If it is an immediate response incident the time taken for the emergency services to arrive at the scene is recorded. In this tasks students are presented with several data about immediate response times for emergency calls by police teams. The students - in the role of police inspector- study this data to compare how teams are doing and to calculate an average succes rate for the whole division for one month.


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