Closed greenhouses
Math Alympiad. Final 2007-2008
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World of Work

Becoming a(n)...
World of Work Dimensions

Changing conditions in a greenhouse

You are a horticulturist

Analyzing (mathematically) data about temperature and light

Poster which contains:
  • The diagram from assignment 1, complemented with the cooling system
  • An on/off schedule for one of the three given days
  • Total energy costs for the three given days
The purpose of a greenhouse is to regulate the climate for plants. You can regulate the temperature and the amount of light. Light is generated by the sun as well as by additional lamps, this also generates heat. The temperature can rise significantly if there is direct sunlight on the greenhouse. If it gets too hot inside, windows can be opened and much of the heat will disappear. As a result, most greenhouses are not very energy efficient. The latest development is the closed greenhouse, where the windows are always closed. It has a heating system that can also generate electricity. Students work on the problem: how, under changing weather conditions, can you regulate the climate (temperature and light) in a closed greenhouse so that energy costs are as low as possible.

Inquiry Learning

Inquiry Learning Dimensions

- Exploring situations
- Planning Investigations
- Experimenting systematically
- Interpreting and evaluating
- Communicating results

- Mathematics
- Biology
- Physics
- Chemistry
- Engineering

Target group
- Primary Education
- Lower Secondary Education
- Upper Secondary Education

Age range

480 min.