In this manual we show how to derive data from two countries (Finland and the Netherlands) from the website to compare two variables: in the year range 1961 - 2016.

The data and a simple question


We take a green country (Finland) and a red country (Netherlands).

Click on Finland and you get this:


Click on the Netherlands and you get this:

You can click on all images to have a larger view.
Of course you can go to to have the interactive website.

The question is: how to get the four line graphs (two from Finland; two from the Netherlands) in one graph.

Steps to find the answer

We work in Excel.

1 Download the data
Database in excel format
derived from (1961 - 2017)

Have a close look at the data. We will concentrate on the two variables:
  • Ecological footprint per person (EFConsPerCap)
  • Biocapacity per person (BiocapPerCap)

2 Two separate files
- Make two separate excel files for Finland (code 67) and the Netherlands (code 150).
- Just take out (copy) all rows with the correct country code (from the excel file with all countries) and save to the separate file(s).
- Be careful to also copy the first row (with the column names).
- Sort the data by 'record' (that's the column with the variable names). Now all data from EFConsPerCap and BiocapPerCap can be copied easily.

3 One new file to join and make the graph
- Make a new excel file where you will join the data of the two countries, like this:

4 - Now you can make a graph of the four columns
- You can compare with the graphs from the website.