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Ordenen van getallen in een toren, spel tegen de computer



How it works: A tower is build with numbered blocks of different sizes, but it isn't stable since the blocks are in the wrong order. You have to make a stable tower by placing blocks offered to you in the tower. If the blocks are ordered from large (at the bottom) to small (at the top) the tower is finished. It is a game against the computer: in turns each player gets a new block that can be placed in the tower, it can be placed anywhere and replaces the block already in the tower. The oppenent gets the removed block. You get limited information on what your opponenet does. The first one with a tower with all blocks in the correct order wins.

what math is there?: ordering numbers (below 50), strategy, memory.

Is it fun?:yes it is, the math is relatively simple but the strategy you choose is important. Of course there is some luck involved as well.

remarks: online you can play eight levels. It is a high ranked game on


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