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* intern * Remath (english)



  • Europees project over gebruik van ict in het wiskundeonderwijs
  • Men wil fundamenteler werken aan leertheorieen waarin de rol van ICT ook geduid kan worden


The project addresses the task of integrating theoretical frames on mathematical teaching and learning with digital technologies at the European level, taking a 'learning through representing' approach and focusing on the didactical functionality of digital media. The work will be based on evidence from experience involving a cyclical process of

  1. developing six state-of-the-art dynamic digital artefacts for representing mathematics involving the domains of Algebra, Geometry and applied mathematics
  2. developing scenarios for the use of these artefacts for educational added value and
  3. carrying out empirical research involving cross-experimentation in realistic educational contexts.

The consortium consists of internationally recognized forerunning research teams all of which have integrated technological and educational research expertise. The project focuses on the primary to secondary schooling level giving a balanced attention to both teachers and students and incorporating a range of innovative and technologically enhanced traditional representations. The project will also concretely impact on educational system through the development of an integrated digital learning space for math education which will be available in different European languages.

Educational Studies in Mathematics. Volume 85 Number 3 (maart 2014)

  • Cross-analysis as a tool to forge connections amongst theoretical frames in using digital technologies in mathematical learning, Chronis Kynigos & Jean-Baptiste Lagrange
  • Networking theoretical frames: the ReMath enterprise, Michèle Artigue & Maria Alessandra Mariotti
  • Digital artefacts as representations: forging connections between a constructionist and a social semiotic perspective, Candia Morgan & Chronis Kynigos
  • Digital technologies to teach and learn mathematics: Context and re-contextualization, Jean-Baptiste Lagrange & Chronis Kynigos
  • On the role of representations and artefacts in knowing and learning, Luis Radford
  • Towards an understanding of the shaping of research outcomes by contextual issues: reflections on the contributions of the ReMath project, Lulu Healy & Ana Isabel Sacristán


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