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MiA - Mathematics in Action


The project is registered as: 116676-CP-2004-1-DK-Grundtvig-G1 started in October 2004 and will last until the end of 2007. Participating countries in the project are: Denmark, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain and Hungary. The project is a follow-up of the ALMAB Project (Adults Learning Mathematics Across Borders) that finished in October 2003.

Teachers in adult education often experience that their mathematics courses do not have the effects they would like them to have. Adults often do not see the link between learning mathematics in school and doing mathematics in real-life situations. It is difficult for them to make a transfer from one situation to the other. In this perspective the seven countries have started a joint project on effective learning and teaching mathematics in adult education in order to improve mathematical competencies which lead to functional numeracy. Therefore they want to set up a study on learning mathematics in out-of-school situations and its consequences for teaching in adult education.

The project aims to investigate alternative ways of learning basic mathematics by adults, especially in out-of-school situations, supported and coached by teachers in/from adult learning centres. The project has five stages. The final result will be a handbook for teachers consisting of two main parts: a) theoretical thoughts about learning mathematics in practice, based on our investigations in the seven countries, and b) examples of alternative ways of learning and teaching will be presented, based on practical experiences.


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