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  • ICT tool, onderzocht binnen Remath


'MachineLab Turtleworlds' (MaLT) is a programmable constructionist environment which provides means for the creation and exploration of interactive simulations in 3d geometrical space using multiple linked representations and functionalities to facilitate spatial thinking, 3d visualisation, symbolic expression and dynamic manipulation of geometrical objects.

  • ESM, march 2014:

MaLT is a 3D turtle geometry, LOGO-based programming environment built on a game engine for the construction and exploration of 3D geometric objects. Objects are created by either adding existing solids (such as spheres or cylinders) to the environment, or by programming a turtle within the environment to follow programmed LOGO instructions and “draw” the object by constructing a linear trace. A core characteristic of this DDA (dynamic digital artifact) is that it includes variation tools with which turtle constructs become dynamically manipulable in the style of dynamic geometry. What is manipulated in this case, however, is not directly the figure but the values of the parameters in the procedure by which the figure is drawn. This feature produces an innovative DDA.


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  • 20140218, ivm ESM special issue over Remath
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