Eyeballing game

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Leuk spelletje waarmee je op het oog 'meetkundig moet' schatten. Verplaats bijvoorbeeld een punt of lijnen om het middelpunt van een cirkel te bepalen, een rechte hoek of een parallellogram te maken of om het snijpunt van drie lijnen te vinden. Hoe lager je score hoe beter. Na drie series opgaven krijg je een overzicht van je resultaten.


Van de website: If you are somebody who is into woodworking or construction, its good to be one of the people who notice when things are crooked. But I suspect the ability to notice that things might be just a little off square, off centre, or not quite straight, varies greatly. I thought it would be fun for people to try to test their abilities to see if things are straight or crooked in a little game.

The game works by showing you a series of geometries that need to be adjusted a little bit to make them right. A square highlights the point that needs to be moved or adjusted. Use the mouse to drag the blue square or arrowhead where you feel it is 'right'. Once you let go of the mouse, the computer evaluates your move, so don't let up on the mouse button until you are sure. The 'correct' geometry is also shown in green. To avoid the need for extra mouse clicks, a mouse button up counts as the move being finished, so be careful.


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