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This game, found on Addicting Games, is a practice game for simple operations. Besides adding it also has options for multiplication and substraction.

In all case you get a target number and a board with a 100 numbers from 1 till 9. For the adding game you click numbers that together make up the target number. It doesn't matter how many you click. The addition is displayed, if the target is reached the numbers disappear. Goal is to empty the whole board.
The multiplication game is of the same type, but now you have to find either the number itself or two fators that you can multiply to get the target number. This is the least interesting option, because you get a lot of very simple ones like .... x... = 4. This gets boring.
The subtraction one is better, you get a problem like 50 - .... = 23 you can keep subtracting until you are there. I noticed I use a random click strategy if the difference is big and only adjust in the end.
I think it is a good game as an 'extra' way to practice. Note that the time is short, this may be frustrating or a challenge. High scores can be submitted.


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