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* intern



  • Utrecht Center for Game Research and Technology


  • website, juni 2014

Games play an increasingly important role in (arts) education, healthcare, safety, creative industries, and other economic, cultural, and societal sectors. Games allow users to play, practice, experiment, research, and learn in a safe and motivating environment. The game-related teaching and research groups at Utrecht University are well positioned to benefit from, and contribute to, global trends towards gaming for training and entertainment.

The objectives of U-GATE are:

  • To strengthen research and education: U-GATE stimulates collaboration, harmonization of activities, and aligning efforts to increase and maintain high quality research and education.
  • To increase impact: putting complementary expertise together will make the research more relevant for both the research community and society.
  • To expand research volume: we form a unique body of knowledge and skills, which makes an ideal partner in new research projects.


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