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Herbouw het gebouw door de blokjes te verplaatsen


You see a building site in 3D (rectangular grid) with stacks of tiles randomly spread out. In the lower left corner a plan is laid out with the numbers of tiles of the building that needs to be build indicated in each cell. Now you can move a tile by selecting it with a mouseclick and move it to the another place by clicking where you want it to go. In this way you replace the tiles until you have constructed the building as shown on the plan. Time is limited!


Reading a map or plan with height-numbers; orientating and transferring between 2D and 3D views.


Is it fun?

Depends: rearranging tiles according to the building-plan may be fun. But when the most important factor that decides upon succes is time, it is less funny.


The numbers on the map (building plan) are not easy to read. You can easy mistake a '3' for a '2' and vv.


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