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Pedagogical agents are autonomous agents that support human learning, by interacting with students in the context of interactive learning environments. They extend and improve upon previous work on intelligent tutoring systems in a number of ways. They adapt their behavior to the dynamic state of the learning environment, taking advantage of learning opportunities as they arise. They can support collaborative learning as well as individualized learning, because multiple students and agents can interact in a shared environment. Given a suitably rich user interface, pedagogical agents are capable of a wide spectrum of instructionally effective interactions with students, including multimodal dialog. Animated pedagogical agents can promote student motivation and engagement, and engender affective as well as cognitive responses

(definition as stated by W. Lewis Johnson)

Interactive Animated Pedagogical Agents can:

  • Adapt - A pedagogical agent evaluates the learner's understanding throughout the interaction, just as a human teacher would, and adapts the lesson plan accordingly. Pedagogical agents will not move on to more sophisticated concepts until it is clear that the learner has a good understanding of the basics. If learners continue to have difficulty, the agent can provide additional instruction.
  • Motivate - Pedagogical agents can prompt students to interact by asking questions, offering encouragement and giving feedback. They present relevant information, offer memorable examples, interpret student responses, and even tell a clever joke or two.
  • Engage - Pedagogical agents have colorful personalities, interesting life histories, and specific areas of expertise. They can be designed to be the coolest teachers in school.
  • Evolve - Pedagogical agents can be revised and updated as frequently as necessary to keep learners current in a rapidly accelerating culture. They can search out the best or most current content available on the web to enrich the lessons that someone else has previously designed.

N.a.v. CSCL 2007

Op de CSCL Conference 2007 opnieuw gekeken naar de tussenstand van deze technologie. Er werden wat producten genoemd:

  • MetaTutor
  • iMap
  • Seek
  • iDrive
  • HURA advisor


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