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  • Deze wiskundemethode Mathematics in Context (MiC) is ontwikkeld voor de Middle school (USA)
  • Ontwikkeld tussen 2002 en 2009


MiC represents a comprehensive mathematics curriculum for the middle grades consistent with the content and pedagogy suggested by the NCTM Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics, and Professional Standards for Teaching Mathematics. The development of the curriculum units reflects a collaboration between research and development teams at the Freudenthal Institute at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, research teams at the University of Wisconsin, and a group of middle school teachers.

A total of 40 units have been developed for Grades 5 through 8. These units are unique in that they make extensive use of realistic contexts. From the context of tiling a floor, for example, flow a wealth of mathematical application; such as similarity, ratio and proportion, and scaling. Units emphasize the inter-relationships between mathematical domains; such as number, algebra, geometry and statistics. As the project title suggests, the purpose of the units is to connect mathematical content both across mathematical domains and to the real world. Dutch researchers, responsible for initial drafts of the units, have 20 years of experience in the development of materials situated in the real world. These units were then modified by staff members at the University of Wisconsin to make them appropriate for U.S. students and teachers.

MiC plus

In juni 2007 start een 'afgeleide' van MiC Making Sense of Mathematics. Voor het project MiCplus werkt FIsme samen met de Universiteit van Manchester (UK). Elf units worden toegevoegd aan het Mathematics in Context materiaal, bestemd voor zwakke leerlingen die op hun 16e op foundation-niveau deelnemen aan het Engelse GCSE-examen.


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