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* intern



  • Spel: Wat kun je met wiskunde doen?
  • aan de hand van enkele beroepsprofielen wordt a.d.h.v. spel uitgelegd welke wiskunde je bij die beroepen gebruikt


van de website:

Sure, there are some obvious real world connections. Money, time, and measurement are all very relevant concepts. Other areas of math, such as number theory and functions, are more cryptic and can seem disconnected from real life. Math Apprentice reveals the connections by showing students how math is used in a variety of interesting professions.

Math Apprentice invites students to play the role of an intern at one of eight companies in a growing metropolis. Students are greeted by an employee from the company who then explains the math behind the job. They may then choose to solve specific problems or explore math concepts on their own.

Some of the mathematics in Math Apprentice may seem advanced for its targeted age group, grades 4-6. That's ok. It's important for students to interact with math concepts beyond the standards. This is where the joy of math can often be found.

The goals of this project are to connect math with real world careers, introduce students to more advanced mathematical ideas, and provide additional opportunities to apply math concepts they have already learned. We hope to add one new math profession each month.


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