Master History and Philosophy of Science

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  • Master van de Universiteit Utrecht
  • study the foundations, practice and culture of science from historical and philosophical viewpoints.


  • website, september 2014

Vier deelgebieden

  • History of Science or the Humanities. The historical approach focuses on the development of knowledge and scientific practice in the past. It does not limit itself to the problems, methods and solutions studied by scientists, but extends its scope to include their interplay with cultural, social or institutional features at particular times and places. Subjects studied range from mathematics to disciplines in the humanities.
  • Philosophy of Science. The philosophy of science addresses general questions concerning the nature of scientific knowledge and scientific methods, but also includes conceptual analysis of fundamental theories such as relativity, quantum mechanics, evolution and modern genetics.
  • Foundations of Physics. Foundational research in physics focuses on the conceptual challenges that modern theories of physics pose, and addresses their impact on philosophical questions. Subjects studied are, for example, the physical basis for the direction of time, the interpretation of quantum mechanics, and related topics.
  • Foundations of Mathematics and Logic. This focus area offers insight into the most recent developments in philosophical logic and foundational debates in mathematics and artificial intelligence; advanced classes in the history of mathematics are also recommended.


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