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  • Multidisciplinary Utrecht Serious game Expertise centre for learning, development and change
  • nederlands: Multidisciplinair Utrechts Serious gaming Expertisecentrum voor leren, ontwikkelen en veranderen
  • 2007-2010


MUSE is a transdisciplinary centre of excellence at Utrecht University that brings together the various disciplines and groups that study serious games, such as educational psychology, teacher training, new media and digital culture, informatics, information sciences, technology, business science, pedagogy, etc.

Its mission is to gather, investigate, construct, share, distribute, question and apply knowledge about serious games and their effect on different aspects of society (i,e, education, training, literacy, culture, science and technology). Serious games are games that have as primary aim the facilitation of knowledge acquisition, knowledge construction, and knowledge application, as well as contributing to individual and collective development as well as individual and collective change. Serious games aim for instance to raise awareness addiction, instruct critical citizens, create new business models, train professionals, educate students, or model complex domains.


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