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The project aims to support teachers to incorporate mathematical modelling in their classrooms so that learners gain experience of using mathematics to solve substantial problems. To do this partners from six nations are working together to develop a course that will allow teachers to explore and develop their approaches to teaching.


Influential studies, such as TIMSS and PISA, are having an impact on mathematics education across the world. There is concern that young people should be better equipped to solve problems in a way that empowers them as citizens and future workers.

Introducing mathematical modeling activities in their classrooms is therefore one way in which teachers can tackle this important issue. Students can be given opportunities to tackle problems that reflect the quickly changing world in which they are growing up, in away that allows them to develop important mathematical problem solving skills.

However, teachers are possibly not used to working in this way. This project will therefore develop a course of professional development that will take place across Europe allowing teachers to not only gain experience of how to teach mathematical modeling in their own classrooms but also have an opportunity to find out more about mathematics teaching across Europe.


  • Pr. Dr. Katja Maaβ, University of Education, Freiburg, Germany (coordinator)


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