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Joining Educational Mathematics

eContentPlus Thematic Network

The goal of the JEM thematic network is to pool together the required expertise and to contribute to the coordination of content enrichment activities in the area of mathematics, to the maintenance of agreed standards and to the delivery of powerful synoptic high-quality user information and support pages, invoked in e-learning platforms operated by the partners. These activities will have tremendous long-term benefits for the quality of e-learning in mathematics in Europe and the wider world.

The real challenge of e-Learning is to produce content that brings a general improvement in the way students learn and instructors teach. The design and the production of high-quality digital content has turned out to be harder than expected, the main reason being that it requires expertise in several subject matters as well as expertise in several technologies. In the case of mathematics, the required areas of expertise include that of professional mathematicians, software engineers, publishers, and perhaps learning theorists.


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