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  • Interactive storytelling for creative people
  • Project uitgevoerd met geld van EU (FP6, IST), 2004-2006
  • Authoring environment for story-based digital educational games.


INSCAPE aimed at enabling ordinary people to use and master the latest Information Society Technologies for interactively conceiving, authoring, and experiencing interactive stories whatever their form, be it training simulators, animation, theatre, movie, puppet show, video-games, interactive manuals, etc.

The development of advanced tools for interactive storytelling is of paramount importance for the growing market in interactive programs and events, virtual environments, autonomous characters and applications based on narrative structures. The market for stories, from Web-based applications to advanced immersive environments and simulators is growing quickly. Interactive stories for education, training, infotainment, marketing or entertainment, expand the reach of computer-based systems beyond the already "saturated" 40% of the population who already use computers.

INSCAPE worked on generating and developing the knowledge in the emerging domain of Interactive Storytelling by researching, implementing, demonstrating and disseminating a complete suite of innovative concepts, tools and working methods tightly integrated in a homogeneous web-based framework and offering a full chain to people with no particular computer skills, from content acquisition and creation, organising, processing, sharing, and using all the way to experiencing, from creators to "viewers".


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