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* Innovations_make_schools_top (english)



  • Project from Austria about implementations in teacher training


  • website, december 2014
  • 1998/99: Analysis of reasons for the poor performance in TIMSS 1995 – Upper Secondary
  • Since 2000: Support system for mathematics and science teachers (action research projects by teachers, professional development, funded collaboration and exchange in regional networks, support for establishing regional and national competence centres, etc.). The orginal project title of IMST was "Innovations in Mathematics and Science Teaching”, however, during the process other subjects like Information Technology and German language were integrated. IMST started as an Upper Secondary initiative, now all grades are included.


  • Krainer, K. (2008). Innovations in Mathematics, Science and Technology Teaching. In J. Vincent, J. Dowsey & R. Pierce (Eds.), Connected Maths. MAV Annual Conference 2008 (pp. 199-212). Brunswick, Vic: The Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV).
  • Krainer, K. & Müller, R. (2010). IMST. In Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture (Ed.), Austrian Education News (pp. 1-4): BMUKK. [1]

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