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* IP-PMRI (english)


  • Development Institute - Pendidikan Matematika Realistik Indonesia
  • Instituut voor Indonesisch realistisch rekenwiskunde onderwijs

The main mission of the IP-PMRI is to improve the quality of mathematics education in Indonesia by implementing an innovation approach in mathematics education called Realistic Mathematics Education (RME). RME is a instructional theory in mathematics education which has been evolved since 1970 in the Netherlands. Its Indonesia version is called PMRI.

IP-PMRI is founded in order to disseminate PMRI to all over Indonesia through implementation at the LPTKs as well as schools. Each LPTK has network with a number of primary schools. Since 2001, various activities on PMRI have been conducted such as workshops, seminars, book development, teaching practice, and theses development either locally, nationally or internationally.


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