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  • Global Learning Consortium, Inc.
  • nonprofit, member association
  • Samen bouwen aan standards (bijv. SCORM)


In 1997, IMS came into existence as a project within the National Learning Infrastructure Initiative of EDUCAUSE. While IMS got its start with a focus on higher education, the specifications published to date as well as ongoing projects address requirements in a wide range of learning contexts, including of course K-12 schools and corporate and government training.

The scope for IMS specifications, broadly defined as "distributed learning," includes both online and off-line settings, taking place synchronously (real-time) or asynchronously. This means that the learning contexts benefitting from IMS specifications include Internet-specific environments (such as web-based course management systems) as well as learning situations that involve off-line electronic resources (such as a learner accessing learning resources on a CD-ROM). The learners may be in a traditional educational environment (school classroom, university), in a corporate or government training setting, or at home. For example, the IMS Learning Resources Meta-data Specification benefits the learner looking for information with a meta-data aware search tool both when the search is of web-based resources and when she or he is searching through a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM encyclopedia in their computer at home. Content developers who have implemented the IMS Learning Resources Meta-data Specification will have made it much easier for the people doing the search to find the resources they want in a much more efficient way, since meta-data allows users to be much more specific in the search terms they can specify.


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