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Voor iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in hoe je leersituaties kunt vormgeven en ondersteunen met ICT (vooral Internettechnologie)

van de website:

HarvestRoad Hive is a Federated Digital Repository System (FDRS). It manages any form of content used in online learning, corporate training and knowledge management initiatives.

It is designed to establish a bridge between islands of content within and across multiple institutions or organisations, regardless of the type of content or purpose for its existence. You use HarvestRoad Hive to store and manage so called "learning objects" or "knowledge objects" and their metadata, assemble these into standards-compliant packages, and deliver that content on demand to learning and course management systems, corporate training systems or web portals.

HarvestRoad Hive is an independent digital repository; it can interface with practically any ERP, Learning or Course Management System and is already integrated with several commonly used course management systems, authoring and content assembly tools.

It is independent of the systems that create or assemble content and independent of the systems that deliver online classroom experiences, such as course or learning management systems. This means that by choosing HarvestRoad Hive for your content management you are not locked into proprietary Learning Management Systems and any LMS technology investment you have already made is secure.

It is federated because it is designed to share content across multiple instances of the HarvestRoad Hive application or across other repositories in your organisation, such as library systems. Use HarvestRoad Hive as a single point of discovery for your information assets or make content in HarvestRoad Hive accessible to a federated search engine.


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