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* Edutainment (english)



Edutainment (also educational entertainment or entertainment-education) is a form of entertainment designed to educate as well as to amuse. Edutainment typically seeks to instruct or socialize its audience by embedding lessons in some familiar form of entertainment: television programs, computer and video games, films, music, websites, multimedia software, etc. Examples might be guided nature tours that entertain while educating participants on animal life and habitats, or a video game that teaches children conflict resolution skills.

International Conference on e-learning and Games

Edutainment 2008 is the third International Conference on e-learning and Games, which is an international forum for researchers to share their latest research output on the development and application of e-learning and digital entertainment systems. Edutainment 2008 will be held at Nanjing Normal University in June 28-30, 2008. The conference will include plenary invited talks, workshops, tutorials, paper resentation tracks and panel discussions. Three to six keynote speakers will be invited.

Edutainment 2008 will cover a range of topics including: E-Learning Platforms and Tools; Learning Resource Management; Practice and Experience Sharing; E-Learning Standards; Mobile Learning; Education and Remote Classrooms; Effectiveness of Virtual Reality for Education; Life Long Learning; Collaborative Environments; Remote Group Simulations; Collaborative Learning; Virtual Reality in Education; Game Design and Development; Game Engine Development and Customization; Game AI and Artificial Life; Game Physics; Game Rendering/Animations; Virtual Characters/Agents; Online/Mobile Game/ Video Game; Storytelling and Game Narrative; Affective Interaction in Games; Digital Museum; Digital Heritage; Animation Techniques; Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality; Vision and Imaging Technology in Games; Synergies between Digital TV and Edutainment; and any other researches dealing with a pioneered or significant development in animation, virtual reality and multimedia.


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