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Dimenxian is the first product created by Tabula Digita.


It is a 3-dimensional immersive education learning experience that focuses on Algebra I. The graphics, sound, and animation compare positively to features found in modern day video games. The learning modules seamlessly integrate concepts tested in high stakes exams into a compelling multi-media environment. Its educational philosophy is based on experiential learning in which users learn through interaction and involvement.


Tabula Digita is an educational gaming company focused on delivering innovative and effective educational games to students and institutions. The games have all of the action adventure fun associated with mainstream games while simultaneously providing an efficient learning environment to better prepare students for high stakes exams. Tabula Digita’s games can be used as stand alone teaching programs or they can be used to support and enhance conventional teaching methods and materials. Tabula Digita’s experiential learning systems are embedded in a stunning first person, action adventure video game format.

Founded in Manhattan’s Silicon Alley in 2003, Tabula Digita is the brainchild of entrepreneur Ntiedo Etuk and award-winning electronic game designer Robert Clegg. Tabula Digita’s fusion of entertainment and education offers an important new educational alternative for students who are having difficulties thriving in today’s overwhelmed education systems.


  • may 2007 - The game is finished, demo is available. There is much overhead in the game that has nothing to do with the primary task. For some learning styles it will do, for others i don't know
  • april 2006 - It is an ambitious project. The game is not finished, screenshots are available on the website. It is still to be seen if the integration of the algebra in the game has realy succeeded. Often in (commercial) educational simulation games the math is a kind of side-step -solve this equation and the door will open -, instead of a really intrinsic element of the game.


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