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DimensionM is an immersive video game world that engages students in the instruction and learning of mathematics. Pre-algebra and algebra objectives are covered through a series of missions that bring math into a world that today's students understand.

The Story

Shipwrecked at sea Darienne Clay, daughter of a brilliant scientist at the University of Hawaii's new bio-tech program, washes up on the shore of an abandoned island after the university's summer school research vessel she was on meets with disaster. While searching the island for means of survival and escape, she stumbles upon the reason the island is abandoned. A bio-tech experiment used for military applications has gone awry infecting the island with synthetic creatures and threatens to spread into the ocean. Darienne ultimately finds her long lost father and in a moment of clarity brought on by Darienne's ingenuity, her father is able to explain the past. Victorious, she returns to the mainland with renewed strength to make sure others are brought to justice.

The Game

Missions 1-5: Virus Origin

Land on a secluded beach and break into an abandoned Research and Development Facility where you will have to bypass its security systems. Using math like prime numbers, perfect squares, and order of operations you will investigate energy readings and strap on a jet pack to fly among roots of enormous trees.

Missions 6-10: Power Source

Travel deep inside the roots of enormous trees to find the Bio Mechanical Tree's power source to shut it down and stop the spread of the Nanobots. Using math such as proportions, number lines, and adding and subtracting integers, you will cut off the Satellite's transmission link to the Island.

Missions 11-15: Nano Campus

Find out what was being tested at an old testing ground as you make your way through the mayhem of a flood to reach the Campus. Using math such as parameters, evaluating expressions, and translating phrases into expressions you will be able to activate the Power Core.

Missions 16-20: Trail Ends

The final search will lead you to explore the Canyon Research Facility and a remote observation station. Use math such as function tables, finding and plotting coordinates, and solving equations to follow the trail of Nanobots and find out what became of Darienne's father.


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