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A mathematical assistant of students, educators, engineers and scientists worldwide, Derive software does for algebra, equations, trigonometry, vectors, matrices and calculus what the graphing calculator does for high school math.

A Computer Algebra System, Derive can solve a wide range of symbolic and numeric problems. Results can be plotted as 2-D graphs or 3-D color surfaces, enabling different approaches to problem solving.

Derive 6 also enables you to:

  • Display the steps in the simplification of an expression along with the transformation rules applied
  • Send and receive math worksheets to and from the TI-89, TI-89 Titanium, TI-92 Plus, and Voyage™ 200 graphing calculators
  • Animate parameterized expression plots with slider bars
  • Automatically label plots showing the expression being plotted
  • Rotate 3-D plots using the mouse
  • Easily navigate the online help using the table of contents
  • Customize toolbars, shortcut keys, and menus

Other improvements include: a fully scaleable Derive Unicode font; support for Unicode characters and html links in text objects; state variables saved in DfW files; optional, multi-line editing; parentheses matching on the edit line; controllable display of 3-D mesh lines and data-point sizes; and a function for determining the Grobner basis of a system of polynomials.


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