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* intern * Cubelets (english)



  • Losse kubussen die gezamenlijk een 'apparaat' kunnen vormen (een karretje, iets wat op geluid reageert, e.d.)
  • Gelijkenis met LittleBits


website, oktober 2014 With Cubelets, educators can use hands-on STEM tool with students ages 4 years old through high school and beyond. Cubelets engage students in learning about robotics and systems of interactions. Students also get to investigate truly integrated STEM with project based learning and open-ended questions touching on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics activities.

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Verschillende mogelijkheden

  • KT01 Standard Kit. The standard kit of Cubelets has 20 blocks and contains an assortment of Sense, Action, and Think blocks. With it, you can experiment and create mobile robots and logic constructions.
  • KT06 kit contains 6 Cubelets and is a great way to get started with modular robotics. With KT06, you can create simple mobile and reactive Cubelet robots.

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