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* intern



  • ICT tool, onderzocht binnen Remath


  • ESM, march 2014:

Cruislet is a navigation microworld in which users direct “avatars” (air transportation vehicles) across the Greek geography by issuing navigation instructions in either graphical/Cartesian or spherical/polar coordinate systems, in direct stepwise mode or by way of LOGO programming. Avatars' movements are defined in terms of displacement vectors, and must take into account not only location, but also the elevation of the landscape they are navigating. The presentation of vectors as a mode of navigation in a geographic environment, programming aspects, and the notion of functional relationships between avatars that can be discovered is novel, but the use of polar and Cartesian coordinate systems, and enabling users to choose among these systems, has many applications in the standard curriculum


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  • 20140218, ivm ESM special issue over Remath
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