Crazy Machines

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Who doesn't know it - the cult game, "The incredible Machine", - the one that captivated many computer gamers.

The task sounds easy enough, doesn't it? With the given parts, construct a machine that matches the objective of the game; but, as always, there are hidden pitfalls in there - how can I grill meat using a light bulb?, or, how can I get a flower to grow using a cannon or gun? These are all questions that you can answer during the game!

"Crazy Machines" won't only test your brainpower – it has features like particle systems, volumetric realtime shadows, clothing simulation – and you won't be able to get enough of the incredibly detailed machine parts designed by the prize-winning design team "DBKI" - graphics both powerful and impressive.


Crazy Machines II

December 2007 is ook een variant beschikbaar


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