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Blastorama is a remarkably unique logic puzzle game where you detonate bombs to clear colored blocks from each hand-crafted level. But this isn't some dull pattern-matching drivel or pointless clickfest -- it's a highly evolved, deductive reasoning game with an enormously rich and vibrant set of objects. Behind this simple-looking game of skill lies a shrewdly challenging masterpiece of fun.



A pile of blocks stands before you. You place a bomb on one of them and watch the fuse burn. The bomb ignites, taking the block, and nearby blocks of the same color with it. Unsupported blocks quickly fall to fill the void. The pile comes to rest, only to await your next move.

But that is only the beginning. As you progress through the 63 mind-bending levels, a tidal wave of new blocks is unleashed, each adding a unique twist to the way you play. Use a fan to push blocks over an edge, or blast a hole through a log to allow blocks to pass through. The possibilities are almost endless.


Strategiespel, redeneren wat de opeenvolgende stappen zijn n.a.v. het plaatsen van bommetjes.


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