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  • Onderzoek (UK) naar hoe leerlingen kiezen (of niet kiezen) voor STEM
  • Participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is an international priority issue for government, industry and the science education policy and practice community, with widespread concern that participation needs to be improved for reasons of both national economic competitiveness and social equity.


  • website, december 2014

ASPIRES 2 will extend the unique dataset developed by the first ASPIRES study. Building on our previous research, we will continue to track our students over the crucial next five years, to understand the changing influences of the family, school, careers education and social identities and inequalities on young people's science and career aspirations. Crucially, we will relate these to their actual subject choices and attainment in national examinations in Year 11 (GCSE) and their post-16 choices. This tracking of young people's aspirations and educational outcomes comprises the crucial 'final link' in the longitudinal project, and will have strong bearing on educational policy and practice.


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