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Ontwikkelaars van educatieve spellen

Arcademic Skill Builders are online educational games that offer a powerful approach to learning basic math, language arts, vocabulary, and thinking skills. This program stems from experience, systematic observations, and research in attempting to understand student learning in school and social situations.

The software was inspired by arcade games and the intense engagement they fostered between the game and player. We reasoned if this kind of engagement could be focused on educational content, it would be truly a magical approach to certain kinds of learning.

Philosophically, the games embrace research on learning dealing with 'automaticity' and 'fluency'. Automaticity is fast and accurate object identification at the single object level. Fluency involves a deeper understanding, and anticipation of what will come next.


Onderstaande spelletjes zijn leuk om te spelen, en lijken zonder meer een bijdrage te leveren aan oefening van resp. optellen, aftrekken, vermenigvuldigen en delen. Oftewel, leuke drill and practice.


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