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* intern * Aplusix (english)



Aplusix is a new sort of software for arithmetic and algebra which lets students solve exercises and provides feedback: it verifies the correctness of the calculations and of the end of the exercises. Aplusix has been designed to be integrated into the regular work of the class: it is close to the paper-pencil environment, it uses a very intuitive editor of algebraic expressions (in two dimensions); it contains 400 patterns of exercises.

Experiments in several countries and in several situations, from 2002, have had very positive results, measured with pre-test and post-test.


  • reflectie in ESM op Aplusix, march 2014

This DDA (dynamic digital artifact) is meant for:

  • converting between “usual” algebraic expressions and equations, “tree” representations which represent the expressions and equations with nodes of operands and operators, and “hybrid” representations that can contain sub-algebraic components, in addition to single operators and operands, as nodes;
  • doing calculations using “tree” or “hybrid” representations. Aplusix is well connected to established “usual” systems of representing algebraic expressions and equations.


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