Design "wiskie-applets"

The Java-applets Estimate!, Tables of multiplication, Shoot balls, The Flippo-game, The Broken Calculator, and The Number Factory are designed by Michiel Doorman and Sieb Kemme for mathematics education in lower secondary school (10-14).
The java-programming is done by Michiel Doorman, Bert Ertman and Petra van Oldengarm.

The applets are designed for practicing basic skills in a game-like environment. An important reason for this practicing is to give confidence to students in their ability to master skills.
We looked for:
- meaningful activities/games (for these students);
- situations that motivate;
- situations that stimulate improvement;
- an easy to use interface;
- activities for one or two lessons, or remedial teaching.

The activities have to give rise to:
- correct/efficient mathematical strategies and reasoning;
- use of correct mathematical skills.

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