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How to divide
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Use your multiplication table knowledge

Question 1:

Make a list of figures you find interesting or special, and try to explain what is special about them.
Suggestion: you don\'t have to draw all the figures, just write down the minutes on the circle.

A five pointed star like this is called a \'pentagram\'.

Question 2:

How would you make such a pentagram?

A lot of figures have crossed lines. In a pentagram you can clearly see this, but there are also figures without these crossings. Here you can see some.

Question 3:

How can you make a figure without crossing lines?

You can also often see a hole forming in the center of the figure. Sometimes it\'s big and sometimes small.

Question 4:

When do you see a big hole and when is it small?

Try \'15 minutes\' and \'45 minutes\'. This will give you the same result. Try to make this work for other figures.

Question 5:

Please write down how you can always find two ways to make the same figure.


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