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[ paper on software]

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Michal Yerushalmy

Mathematics Education Department

University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel

I am a professor of Mathematics Education, the head of the Mathematics Education graduate program, directing the Haifa University Branch of the Israeli Center for Science & Technology Education and the director of the University’s Institute for Research of Alternatives in Education.

I Graduated the Harvard Graduate School of Education. There I invented and co-authored with then my supervisor and since then my colleague – prof. Judah Schwartz "The Geometric Supposer" which established the beginning of new era of learning geometry with Dynamic Geometry Environments.

I am the author and designer of several software environments and interactive textbooks, all opened up new opportunities for students to make sense of their own learning experiences; for instructional designers to make new representational systems part of the instructional materials; and for teachers to design their teaching around reflective discourse. More recent projects include: The Math for Mobile project by which I'm probing the challenge of turning a cheap and handy piece of hardware – the mobile phone – into a functional personal device. It is one of the available ways to try out learning in ubiquitous computing conditions


Field of interest

learning at all ages and levels via guided inquiry where technology provides information, communication and learning environments that support construction of new knowledge by the learner. Despite my long term contribution as a designer and researcher, I am aware that we had not yet discovered reasonable solution for teachers and policy makers who want to see technology become an integral component of the learning environment.

Chosen topic group (but also interested in)

Chosen topic group: learning environments

Also interested in: tools

Planned contribution to ISDDE 2008

I would discuss and illustrate the capabilities of educational software to make explicit the goals of the curriculum, the roles of technology in this learning sequence and the mathematical terrain. I will distinguish [and exemplify] among design considerations of software design and applets and midlets (M-learning applets).

Expectations for this conference



paper on software

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