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[ rekenweb], [ project]
[ rekenweb], [ project]
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Name, affiliation and email address

Frans van Galen - Freudenthal institute, Utrecht, the Netherlands -

Bio sketch

Field of interest

Much of my work is on the use of ict in primary school mathematics education. We have a website for children (see below for URL) that is used both in and after school.

Chosen topic group (but also interested in)

Software, but also interested in Curriculum

Planned contribution to ISDDE 2008

I would like to discuss a series of activities for 10-12 year olds on graphs. Science and Mathematics. Focus will be on the relation between goals and theory on one hand and the art of designing on the other.

Expectations for this conference

I hope it will offer us an opportunity to reflect on our work as designers. It will stimulate me to be more explicit about my personal ideas about designing for education, and I look forward to compare these with ideas of other participants.


rekenweb, project [1]

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