Towards the Development of a Common European Framework of Reference for Mathematics in the Workplace and Society

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* Ontwikkeling_CEF_wiskunde_voor_beroep_en_burgerschap (dutch)



This proposal (2009) aims to address the problem of describing the mathematical competencies involved in activity in the workplace, vocational and educational training and society by developing and exploring the use of a common reference framework across six partner nations. The proposed framework will improve the transparency of mathematical competencies for a wide range of stakeholders. It will facilitate educational and occupational mobility, whilst assisting recognition of prior learning and national developments in relation to the European Qualifications Framework. As a starting point the partnership will compare the recently developed frameworks in each partner nation and build on the strengths of each. Following a period of consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, including teachers and trainers, workers and students, and policy makers, in each nation, the partnership, through an iterative design process will reach consensus about a framework. Partners will draw on their extensive networks in the field to disseminate information about the project and to consult widely about future developments and implementation of the framework with the intention of taking this forward to become a common European Framework of reference for mathematics in the workplace and society.



Versions of this document

  • 20081220, meeting England, Ireland, Norway, Netherlands
  • 20080113, wikiteam
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