Summerschool in Science and Mathematics Education

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* Summerschool_in_Science_and_Mathematics_Education (dutch)



Activity of the University Utrecht (FIsme).

During the last decades the Netherlands has been very active in the innovation of science and mathematics education. Currently Dutch curriculum development projects are in progress for the subjects mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and advanced integrated science and mathematics. This Summer School aims at providing secondary science and mathematics teachers with a blend of lectures, seminars and other activities on curriculum development and related research. Due to the presence of concurrent summer schools there will also be opportunities to attend lectures on new developments in science and mathematics research.

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Program in brief

Theme: Making mathematics meaningful to students.

  • Monday:
    • Lecture: Introduction to the Dutch school system
    • Lectures and workshops: innovations in the educational practices of the secondary school in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.
  • Tuesday:
    • Mathematics: RME and Geometry.
    • Workshops about the history of mathematics and geometry
    • Digital Mathematics Environment
  • Wednesday
    • Mathematics: RME and the Algebra
    • Workshops about the use of graphic tools
    • Workshop in productive exercises
    • Workshop: supporting functional thinking
  • Thursday
    • The challenges of the Mathematics A-lympiad, an experience in mathematics competition
  • Friday
    • Exchanges between the participants
    • Presentations of the work done in the school
    • Evaluation
    • Closing off the Summer School

Course director

Prof.dr. Harrie M.C. Eijkelhof / Mr. Jaap den Hertog MSc


Staff members of FIsme.

Target group

Secondary science and mathematics teachers, curriculum developers and researchers with proficiency in English. (Maximum number of participants: 60).


Jaap den Hertog, FIsme


  • 2011: 15 - 26 August
  • 2010: 16 - 27 August
  • 2009: 17 - 21 August
  • 2008: 18 - 22 August


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