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Name, affiliation and email address

Prof. dr. Albert Pilot, Freudenthal Institute, Utrecht University Princetonplein 5, 3584 CC Utrecht The Netherlands +31302532150, a.pilot1@uu.nl

Bio sketch

Field of interest

The kind of work I do

Chosen topic group (but also interested in)

Chosen topic group: Curriculum

Also interested in: Educational Design Based Research as a method of research, and design principles and frameworks for context based science education and for professional development of teachers in this kind of education are my focus areas. I like to discuss in this topic group about the research method and its use in studies on problems of designing curricula in which concept-context relations are essential.

Planned contribution to ISDDE 2008

I like to present some ideas and illustrations on Educational Design Based Research, and discuss some problems.

Expectations for this conference



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