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* Numeracy_Canada (dutch)



Skills Information Division

  • Human Resources Partnerships
  • Human Resources and Skills Development Canada
  • 112 Kent Street, Tower B, 21st floor
  • Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA, K1A 0J9

The information provided in this Web site comes from the Essential Skills and Workplace Literacy Initiative of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

Occupational Profiles

  • Show how Essential Skills are used in different jobs
  • Close to 200 occupations profiled
  • Most of the jobs described can be entered from high school
  • Provides a set of scales to describe the use of these skills, ranging from simple to complex tasks

Authentic Workplace Materials

  • A collection of authentic materials used in a wide range of Canadian workplaces
  • Suggestions on how these materials, or others like them, could be used in classroom activities
  • A User Guide that introduces the collection and takes a closer look at Reading Text, Document Use and Writing as they are used in the workplace and other real life tasks


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