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(Planned contribution to ISDDE 2008)
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I will have materials to share, and to seek comments on those, but I do not
I will have materials to share, and to seek comments on those, but I do not
anticipate making a 'formal demonstration'.
anticipate making a 'formal demonstration'.
[  paper]
==Expectations for this conference==
==Expectations for this conference==

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Name, affiliation and email address

Name, affiliation and email address

Will Morony Executive Officer; Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT);

Bio sketch

The AAMT is the national association of teachers of mathematics in Australia. My role is to provide professional support for the Executive, and leadership of the association's programs. It is an unusual job that sees me involved in a very wide variety of activities, and in contact with a wide range of people — teachers, teacher educators, researchers, consultants, policy officers in governments etc. I came to this position a decade ago after a career as a teacher and senior policy officer in mathematics in the state of South Australia (yes, Adelaide, for those who remember ICME5)

Field of interest

The kind of work I do — see above

The current Australian context is one of trying (again) to construct and implement a national curriculum; a national testing program just getting underway; and serious needs in relation to the supply of suitably prepared teachers and the upgrading of skills of teachers of mathematics at all levels in the face of changing opportunities and expectations. My role as Executive Officer sees me involved in advice, research and development, and advocacy in all these areas.

Chosen topic group (but also interested in)

Chosen topic group: Professional development

Also interested in:

I (and more particularly the AAMT) has interests across all four Topic Groups. I look forward to being able to make contact with colleagues working in other Topic Groups.

Planned contribution to ISDDE 2008

The AAMT is working towards a professional development system that is driven by our description of high quality teaching of mathematics, the Standards for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics in Australian Schools (2002, 2006). So whilst the design of individual professional development activities and programs is important to us, we are working towards a complete 'system' for career-long professional growth for teachers of mathematics that includes the capacity for peer recognition.

  • demo

I will have materials to share, and to seek comments on those, but I do not anticipate making a 'formal demonstration'.


Expectations for this conference


My two key expectation for ISDDE are

a) Insight into how design can and has influenced work of others; and

b) Contacts with people working in curriculum, assessment and professional development design in other countries whose work can inform the AAMT's involvement in these areas in our country.


AAMT website

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