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* Game_and_Learning_Alliance (dutch)



  • European Network of Excellence on games and learning, 2011-2014


  • website, september 2014

The NoE organizations aim to integrate their activities and resources in a long-term view structuring the activities along 3 major axes:

  • Research integration and harmonization
    • Strong integration among leading researchers, users and business
    • Strong concern on the current standards of education, in order to favour a real uptake and scaling of the educational games initiatives
  • Joint research activities
    • Identify key issues and address them through multidisciplinary teams
    • Promote Research and Development team forces – organized in thematic areas - that will do focused research (e.g. joint PhD and MSc projects on hot SG research projects, joint project proposals) and continuously inform the project about the latest developments in technology and education
  • Spreading of excellence
    • Dissemination of the NoE achievements as a flagship EU initiative in the TEL area
    • Strong coordination with EU TEL activities, offering a specialized focus and expertise on SGs
    • Development high-quality didactics on SG by promoting and supporting courses at Master and PhD level


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